7 Point Story Structure

1. Hook

2. Plot Turn 1

3. Pinch 1

4. Midpoint

5. Pinch 2

6. Plot Turn 2

7. Resolution


LTUE- Day 2

9 AM- Story Structure

10 AM- Self-Editing And Revision

11 AM- My English class, which I CANNOT skip.

12 AM- Lunch Break.

1 PM- Military Characters

2 PM- Philosophy class, ditto.

3 PM- Biology. &$*#&$($#&(*$&#(&$#(^%&#*^%*#^$ing CLASSES.

4 PM- Catch bus home.

LTUE: Book 1

Here’s my schedule for the Life, the Universe, and Everything conference I’m attending:


11:00 -Queries and Pitches
(Lisa Mangum, Kirk Shaw, Donna Milakovic (M), J. Scott Savage, Chris Schoebinger)

1:00 -From Idea to Story: How to take your work from idea to finished product.
(Jess Smart Smiley)

2: 00- Creating a Team Between Author and Publisher
(Annie Oswald)

3: 00- Rewriting Classics: Taking classic literature and rewriting it with a twist to appeal to modern readers.
(Jenni James, Jessica Harmon, Robert J Defendi (M))

4:00- -Avoiding Cliché Like the Plague
(Michael Young)

5:00- -It’s all about who you know: A guide to building professional relationships in the publishing world (AKA Stalking your dream agent without getting arrested.)
(Donna Milakovic)

New Year’s Resolutions, the Writing Group, and other Neep

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time of year where you have to introspect, and figure out exactly what you want to do with the next year.

Surfing wordpress, I found this:

So. Since the world is kind-of-sort-of supposed to end this year*, I want to finish my life’s goal before December 22nd, next year. That goal is to become a Real Writer. As in, ‘professional’ writer.

As in, get my novel edited and published.

So, my New Year’s Resolution: I will get a 75,000 word fantasy finished, and accepted for publishing, by December 22nd, 2012.

To help accomplish this, I’ve joined a really cool writer’s group, sponsored by my Japanese teacher.  I’m going to have the Prologue done by the 30th, so  I can submit it to them.

* I firmly believe that this is just because the Mayans ran out of calendar.

Writing Goals- December 27th

Music of the Day: “Book of Days”, Enya. This song fits the Library, and so…

Well, my main goal today is to finish the Prologue for “Bounds of Time”, and start doing revision of the actual book. ^^;

The Day Job looks like it will be fairly easy today, it’s two days after Christmas, for Pete’s sake.  So, with any luck, I should finish the darn thing and get to the fun part. 🙂